Blog and YouTube Launch!

Hi, this is Shaina from Sign & Wine. I am excited to announce the official launch of my blog and YouTube channel.  I cannot wait to share with you detailed tutorials and information about how to make your own wood signs and home decor. I have so much I want to share with you!  I have been posting to Instagram and IG stories for a bit now. So many of you have encouraged me along the way with positive feedback about my tutorials. Now I get to share even more with you in one easy to find place- with tons of pictures and videos- so you can feel confident about making your own home decor.

The heart and soul of my business is teaching others. I spend most of my working time teaching sign making classes, DIY workshops, and hosting wood decor classes. Now you can get all this information if you are not local or cannot attend one of my workshops. I also make DIY craft kits if you want an easy place to start with making wood signs.

My hope is that I can also start sharing more information about how to host sign painting parties. Many of my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest followers are sign makers themselves. But many of you have expressed fear about doubt about hosting a party to teach others. I am looking forward to sharing all of my tips (and many mistakes I've made along the way) so you can learn to host your own sign painting class.

I have so many ideas, tutorials, and products to share with you that I can hardly contain myself. I am not sure how often I will be able to post, but I'm hoping to share every couple weeks. As a busy homeschool mom to 5 little ones, I sometimes don't get much time to edit videos. Most of my YouTube vidoes are going to be simple and to the point. You may even see kids running around in the background or outside a window. But that is life. 

I hope you can grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy learning all things wood signs. I know I will always be drinking coffee (and wine!) along the way with you.

Thanks for following me along on this journey!

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