Sign Party Host Information

Where are you located? Do you have a store front?

We are located in Woodinville, Washington (near Seattle). We travel within a 30 minute radius for painting events. We do not have a store front. We are completely mobile, and travel to your home or work for painting events.

What is a wood sign party?

We make it easy to have a fun night with your family, friends, or coworkers. You can host a party at your home and we handle all the details, set-up, and clean-up. We cut the wood, sand it, and assemble the signs prior to the party. Your guests choose and pay for the sign they want to paint ahead of time. We bring all the supplies and paint so each of your guests can create a custom sign. On the day of the party your guests show up and simply paint! We walk you through step-by-step how to stain, sand, apply the stencil, and paint. Your guests will go home with a sign they will want to hang in their homes for years to come.

How long does it last?

The parties are 3 hours long. It is important for guests to arrive on time to allow for adequate drying time.

How many people can I invite?

10-20 people is ideal (minimum is 10)

We are able to accommodate larger corporate events (generally up to 30 people). Please contact us for information as design choices are different for larger groups.

How much does it cost?

Each guest gets to choose the size of their sign and their design. Signs range from $35-$55. See our private party registration page for all of our design options.

How do I invite guests?

We will help you decide the best way for you to invite your guests by email or social media. Usually a private Facebook group or an Evite work great. We will provide you with a template to use. Guests RSVP and then go on the website to select and pay for their sign. 

How do guests select their sign?

Each guest get to create any design they want from our selection of signs. The guests simply go onto the website and view the private party registration page. They add their sign selection to the cart and pay for their sign. All guests need to have their sign selected 7 days prior to the party.

What about food and drink?

Hosts can choose to provide food and drinks, or ask their guests to each bring an item to share.

Will I get dirty?

You could get paint on your hands, so we suggest wearing clothing you are comfortable getting paint on.

What does a typical party look like?

5:30-6pm Set-up
6:00-6:15 Guests arrive and find their places at the tables
6:15-6:45 Stain/paint background of wood boards
6:45-7:15 Eat & Socialize (while background dries)
7:15-9:00 Paint signs
9:00-9:30 Clean up

Interested in hosting a wood sign party?


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