Our Story

Welcome to our story. Together with my amazing husband, we are raising our 5 beautiful children in the most gorgeous area of our country, the Pacific Northwest. We are a family owned business located in Woodinville, WA. We combine our love for family and everything home with a love for woodworking and design.

I (Shaina) grew up as a carpenter's daughter. I have always appreciated the warmth and natural beauty of wood.  My dad was always willing to include me in his carpentry work. I joke that half of my childhood was spent covered in sawdust. But this love for power tools and creating custom pieces is what led to today.

When my husband and I moved to our current home in Woodinville, we had little to adorn our walls. Our home is not traditional in any sort of way. It is an eclectic style that was formed from multiple remodels over the course of 40 years. As we sought to change our home's style to modern farmhouse, we found a lack of furniture and decor that fit our home and style. We would sometimes find a piece at a store that we liked, but the lack of quality and cost would deter us. Then a light bulb moment went off in my head, "I can make this!" 

I started playing around with a few sign ideas, and quickly become addicted. I grew to love the look of stained wood with painted words. I began adorning my house with inspirational quotes. My family and friends noticed my signs and began asking me to make some for their home.

Words are powerful. When we place them in our home, they are daily reminders for how we want to live. In a world where words divide, many of my clients choose to make the mantra of their homes one of hope, encouragement and unity. 

At every sign party everything from the paints to designs are carefully selected.  However, the true handcrafted talent are the people in the room as they share their hearts and experiences, creating a mosaic of community.  I want to share my craft with others, but we always share a mutual bond at the conclusion of the evening when proud artists walk away with not only a beautiful custom made sign, but an evening full of memories. 

These parties I do are not just about signs, food, and wine. They are about relationships. I love bringing people together and enjoying a time of connecting and creating together. And I love that everyone walks away with a sign they are proud to hang in their home.